Graphics and images

There are several ways to show images or graphics in a Diagram or in the cell of a edit table:

  • You can copy an image from another application, such as a web page or photo, into a Diagram. If you click the background, and select Paste from the Edit menu or press ctrl+v, it creates a Picture object containing the image. If you select a variable or other node before pasting, it inserts the image into the node as its Pict attribute. You can resize the image within the node by dragging its corner boxes.
  • You can also copy an image into a cell of an edit table. You can resize the image in a cell by dragging the border below or to the right of the cell to change the cell size.

Video: Adding, resizing an image (2 minutes)

  • You can generate a graphic with Analytica code using the Canvas functions. You can show the resulting graphic in a node as its Pict attribute, or show it in a table cell.

Video: Expression to crop an image (4 minutes)


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