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Select Help from the menu bar to open the Help menu.

Help menu 6.0.png

Analytica online docs: Open the Analytica Docs home page in your default web browser.

Tutorial: Open the Analytica Tutorial in your web browser.

User Guide F1: Open this Analytica User Guide in your web browser. Press the function key F1 as a shortcut.

Optimizer guide: Open the Analytica Optimizer Guide in your web browser.

Functions by category: Opens to Category:Functions, an on-line index of Analytica functions.

What's new in 6.4: Opens to What's new in Analytica 6.4?

Docs login info...: Dialog allows you to enter your Analytica Docs login credentials so that when you click on a link for more information that jumps into the Analytica Docs, Analytica is able to log you in automatically.

Tech support instructions: Open Lumina’s Analytica tech support web page in your default web browser, with support information instructions and links to frequently asked questions.

Analytica Q&A forum: (first appears in Analytica 6.0) Links to the Analytica user forum where you can browse questions and answers from other users, or post your own questions to the Analytica community.}}

Email tech support: Start an email message to send to Lumina tech support using your default email application.

Buy/Upgrade Analytica: Open the Analytica online store in a web browser.

Contact Lumina...: Open a dialog with web links, phone numbers, email address, and physical mailing address.

Update license...: Open the Licensing Information dialog so you can select a different license or edition or activation for a new activation key to upgrade your license of Analytica.

About Analytica...: Open the startup splash screen, mentioning the Analytica edition, release number, and the name of the person to whom it is licensed.

Help buttons on dialogs

Help button on dialogs.png

Every dialog window in Analytica has a help button on the title strip. Pressing this button opens to the page about that dialog on the Analytica Docs.

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