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The Help menu displays links to Analytica user manuals and contact information for Analytica tech support.

The exact contents of the Help menu are described in the table below.

Help menu 6.0.png Menu item Description
User guide Opens the Analytica User Guide in your web browser.
Tutorial Opens the Analytica Tutorial in your web browser.
Optimizer guide Opens to the Analytica Optimizer Guide (only appears in Optimizer-enabled version of Analytica).
Analytica online docs Jumps to the Analytica Docs home page in your web browser, and logs you in automatically if your login credentials are stored. The Docs are the main source for extended Analytica reference materials.
Functions by category Jumps to an index of Analytica functions on the Docs.
What's new in 6.4? Jumps to the What's new in Analytica 6.4? page.
Docs login info... Allows you to store or change your Analytica Docs login and password, so that when you click on a link to a Docs page (e.g., a “More information” link), Analytica can log you in automatically.
Analytica Q&A forum The place to ask Analytica or modeling questions, browse what others have asked or shared, answer questions and share examples.
Tech support instructions Opens your default web browser to the Analytica Tech Support page at
Email tech support Opens your email system to send an email to Analytica Tech Support.
Buy/Upgrade Analytica Opens to the Buy Analytica page on the web site. You can use this page to find pricing information or to make a purchase or upgrade.
Contact Lumina... Provides contact information for Lumina.
Update license... Displays your current Analytica license information and allows you to update the license code.
About Analytica... Displays useful information such as the application’s edition, release number, your license code, and contact information.
The options that appear on the help menu vary depending on your computer setup and the version of Analytica you have.

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