What's new in ACP?

<<Back to Analytica Cloud Platform We issue new releases of Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) every month or so. Here is a list of the new and improved features (and occasional bug fixes) by release date:

3.1 Build 124: 25 November 2023

  • Implemented support for discrete slider controls in an edit table cell.
  • Removed the "bounce back" from discrete slider controls.
  • Improved the functionality of sliders when diagram zooming Auto Zoom is present - usually set in the screen size setting in the ACP Style Library.
  • Added alerts to the top of the model listing - next to the tabs, with links to this page or to other notifications.
  • added an AcpStyle Object_in_frame
  • Added an object view hover icon to Frame nodes and Tall nodes. Present if the AcpStyle Object_in_frame is set.
  • Clickable variable names show an underline when the cursor is anywhere over the variable name.
  • Reordered the roles in users tab. Manager, Author, Reviewer, Remove.
  • Improved the appearance of the distribution popup.
  • Added feedback when clicking hover icons.
  • Implemented sequence input nodes.
  • Added a graph hover icon for swapping horizontal and vertical axes - similar to that present in Desktop Analytica.

3.1 Build 120: 15 October 2023

  • Updated the appearance of input nodes. Added support for the sequence form node icon style.
  • Added a confirmation message box when uploading a file that has the same name as a file present in the folder (asking if you want to overwrite).
  • Added support for the flat button style.
  • Fixed a bug where numbers with dollar signs ($) pasted as text into an edit table instead of as a number.
  • Fixed a bug where Choice controls using an array-valued computed domain weren't updating when the computed domain changed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Table widths to sometimes not fill out a frame node.
  • For ACP server - Added code to eliminate ODBC error messages gunking up the server when a large number of sessions are opened and the SQL server connection timeout is reached.
  • Made mutli-line text cells have text left aligned by default, same as DTA.
  • Made Table cells to vertically align to "top" by default, same as DTA

3.1 Build 118:August 22 2023

  • Turned on the counting of Model runs.
  • Started to enforce the Monthly Model run limits.
  • Added the functionality for using purchased model run credits - which do not expire at the end of the month.
  • Changed "sessions" to Model runs" to avoid confusion, since there can be more than one Model run per Session. A Model run meaning launching a Model either from the UI or from an Email invite.
  • Added feedback when the 'Sign up' button is pressed on the log in page.

3.1 Build 116:July 29 2023

  • Added the functionality to pass data on a URL query string to the model.
  • Fixed a bug where a hidden defintion could be viewed (e.g., in the Object tab) in ACP.
  • Fixed a glitch where a stray umber appeared below Models Listing after pressing Email Invite button.
  • Added model run information for Individual accounts in the User Portal's Account tab.
  • Added a warning messages when number of sessions is getting low.
  • Limited the file upload sizes for Individual, Group and Group Premium plans from the User Portal to 25MB, 50MB and 100 MB.
  • Fixed a bug where, after Publishing to Cloud from DTA, the model should open in ACP (but did not).

3.1 Build 114:June 29 2023

  • Added a warning message for people using ACP in FireFox, advising them to use Chrome.
  • Added the number of sessions remaining for a group account in the Account tab.
  • Removed the Delete Project button. Because deleting a project once used requires editing the database to remove all references to the project or any session that used it.
  • Implemented more of the table Cell formats.
  • When opening an email invite, combined the 2 progress bars into one (for Reading the Model File and Checking Definitions).
  • Also made this progress bar wider..
  • When Input and output nodes are in icon style, show the correct style immediately rather than the brief appearance of the standard button style before repainting the diagram.
  • Updated the Lumina logo on the model listing's footer to the new style.
  • Update the logo colors in the loading screen.
  • Added the ability to select across multiple rows from result tables.
  • Fixed a bug where scalar results did not show in output nodes using date format.
  • Added the functionality to add email invite addresses with a + sign in the address (eg for Gmail aliases).
  • Fixed a bug where a model with a quote in the file name threw an error when attempting an email invite.

3.1 Build 113:May 16 2023

  • Implemented the enforcement of monthly session credit limits for group accounts when opening a model.
  • Implemented the limitation on number of users for Group accounts and Premium Group accounts. When the limit has been reached, a message will show informing the user that the limit has been reached.
  • Improved slider controls in edit table cells.
  • Added hover and click feedback for the tabs in the user portal.
  • Changed the Analytica icons and logos.
  • Rounded the bottom corners of the diagram when outline is showing - to match the rounded corners on the outline.
  • When clicking on an input node with numeric % format, ACP will now select only the digits as Desktop Analytica does.
  • When double- clicking on a table cell to edit a number, ACP now selects only the digits, same as DTA in browse mode
  • When entering edit mode for an edit table cell, the current contents become selected without having to perform any additional clicks.

3.1 Build 112:Apr 14 2023

  • Added many more of the Slider control features.
  • Changed the "Download this model" option on the close menu to be off by default - the modeler needs to add the save_menu_download: yes AcpStyle to allow this feature.
  • Added support for ShowWindow(x, 'Definition') .
  • Improvements in the selection and deselection of cells in tables.
  • For models with descriptions, added the model file name to the help balloon for the model title in the toolbar. (models and nodes without descriptions don't show help balloons).
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong tab was highlighted after selecting a variable from another variables outputs - from another module.
  • Changed the default font color in Tabs with a dark diagram color, to make it easier to read.
  • Fixed a bug with multichoice selections, where cascading multiple selections in a table were causing ACP to crash.
  • Various minor enhancements to the appearance of the ACP GUI.

3.1 Build 105:Jan 31 2023

  • Implemented some of the functionality for the new Slider function in input nodes and edit table cells.
  • Fixed a bug with Arrows not displaying as the diagram is repainted, when they are off of the initial view of the diagram and the diagram is scrolled.
  • Added feedback when clicking on the Close menu and the Hamburger menu.
  • Fixed a bug where List output nodes did not show the label when set to 'Text'.
  • For Auto - zoom, made the tabs also zoom to match the diagram.
  • Added the ability to download models from the close menu, with an Acp style to turn this feature off.

3.1 Build 102:Jan 6 2023

  • Added the ability to show uncertainty results for atomic output nodes. More here... .
  • Added a help balloon showing the description for graphs in tall nodes, when the AcpStyle is set to [[AcpStyles#Show_or_hide_the_Description|]]show_description:no. (Previously implemented for tables).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused help balloons to linger after moving the mouse away from an object.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on dates in an edit table could cause the diagram to crash.

3.1 Build 100:Dec 6 2022

  • Added cell formatting for table header cells as specified in Analytica on the desktop.
  • Changed how percent cells are updated in edit tables with the cell number format set to % (e.g. 20 = 20% not 2000%).
  • Added support to ACP for the new Slider controls to be released with Analytica 6.3 in Q1 2023.
  • Added the spinning cube icon while a csv is being read.
  • Added the choice list filtering for long multichoice inputs. (Previously added for choice inputs).
  • Added a close button to help balloons just in case it lingers. (But this should have been fixed).
  • If a model is using Century Gothic diagram font, and that font is not present, then use 'sans-serif' instead.

3.1 Build 98: Nov 11 2022

  • Truncated large tables to speed up the rendering time. Currently the Max display size is 5000 cells. This can be adjusted in the acp.config.json file if you have an ACP Server.
  • Added choice input filtering feature for choice input nodes (Already present in edit tables since Build 95).
  • Set the choice menu filtering in input nodes to show only when the menu has more 10 items.
  • Changed the message test when adding the Acp style library from the hamburger menu - so the message is not shown each time you open the library.
  • Added click feedback when clicking form node buttons (makes the text white).
  • Also added click feedback when clicking button nodes.
  • Added an editable white list of allowable upload types to acp.config.json for those with an ACP Server.

3.1 Build 95: Oct 17 2022

  • Fixed bugs with form node labels' text wrapping and extra new line characters in some models.
  • Added feedback and an option to reconnect after the web socket connection is closed, (ie your computer goes to sleep).
  • Added mouse feedback to the close button on the Connection Status dialog (In the user portal help menu)
  • Added mouse feedback for msgbox() dialog buttons.
  • Limited the upload function from the user portal to *.ana, *.xlsx, *.xls, *.txt and *.csv files.
  • Add click feedback, and close the popup menu when 'download csv' is clicked in the copy table/graph icon.
  • Improved the appearance where the header was squashed in edit tables without title showing
  • Download CSV shows a wait icon while preparing for download.
  • Added a vertical scroll bar to help balloons when the text doesn't fit.
  • Added feedback when clicking on a model name in the model listing
  • If a diagram contains both Frame nodes and tall nodes, the tall nodes will no longer show in the frame nodes.
  • Improved the functionality of the "Download CSV" feature of the copy table/graph icon.
  • A double click now opens a choice input when it's inside an edit table
  • Fixed a bug where Long Index values extended outside of slicer text Fields.
  • Added a spinning cube indication of ongoing calculation for framenodes.
  • Added filtering capability for choice inputs in edit tables. When the down arrow is clicked, the menu appears just under the selected cell. As you type into the selected cell, it filters to show only options that match the typed characters.

3.1 Build 88: Sep 18 2022

  • The Close menu option now offers the dialog “Would you like to save changes to the file?” If there were any changes - and the user is not a Reviewer. (If ACPstyles is not set to not show the Save option, and not for Evite users).
  • When you select the ACP Style library option from the hamburger menu, if the model already contains it, it will ask in a dialog: "Would you like to show the existing version [Yes] or replace it with the latest version [No]?"
  • Lists show as they do in Desktop Analytica in a result - as a single list, not repeated in the row header.
  • Message boxes are centered on the browser screen.
  • Probability view selector pulldown menu implemented for graphs in tall nodes.
  • Don't show probabilistic views for non probabilistic variables - the mid result will be shown (as in Desktop Analytica).
  • For choice inputs in an edit table, expanded the sensitive area around the menu triangle.

3.1 Build 86: Aug 26 2022

  • Added feedback when closing a model if it takes a long time - in the form of the spinning Analytica cube.
  • Improved the way choice menus update after updating another dependent choice/multichoice input.)
  • When coping a selected table cell with a choice menu, it now copy's the value selected in the menu (text or number). Instead of the dell definition.
  • Give choice input cells a green selection border when clicked
  • Implemented the ability to paste copied cells into selected cells in an edit table
  • Changed the UX of the Save model as... item in the Close menu to make it more intuitive.
  • For Group accounts, in the Users tab, changed 'Not member' menu option to 'Remove'
  • Added a message "This field can't be edited." when someone double clicks on a read only edit table cell
  • Gave read only cells in edit tables a gray background.
  • Added time to the "Save date" column in the Models listing.
  • Reduced the verbosity of the information displayed when loading and checking a large model.
  • Change choice menus for edit tables so that they only open when the clicking the down arrow icon.

3.1 Build 83: Jul 12 2022

  • Updated the Acp Style library - added the Remove_Help_menu_items style to the esoteric styles module.
  • Changed what happens when selecting ctrl+a when deselecting items in multichoice input. When all elements are selected, Ctrl+A, unselects all, and selects the item the cursor is hovering on at the same time.
  • For multichoice input nodes, moved "First only", "All" and "None" to top of listing.
  • Add tool tips for Items in the top Teal Bar and for logos in the footer.
  • Fixed a bug where computed text did not wrap properly to fit a text node.
  • The title fits better in the index column of a result table - using less space.
  • Added a prompt with a message box when attempting to save a model with the same name as an existing model.
  • Made text input backgrounds white (not the color of the original node).
  • Increased the wait time to show a balloon from ~0.5 seconds to 1 second.
  • Added a drop shadow to help balloons.
  • New 'All', 'None' and 'First only' options for multichoice inputs
  • Removed 'Disconnect' and 'Sign out' buttons from the Connection Status dialog

3.1 Build 80: Jun 14 2022

  • Partially implemented the cell-level formatting feature, CellOnClick.
  • Implemented the ability to copy from edit tables
  • Implemented help balloons for Tall Nodes
  • Added the show Index Menus icon for edit tables
  • Implemented the copy/download icon for edit tables.
  • Implemented "download csv" for edit tables.
  • When using ShowWindow() to switch diagrams, update the selected top/side tab
  • Added a '+ Add' button to the list editing dialog

3.1 Build 76: Jun 4 2022

  • New ACP Styles setting "Add_help_menu_option"
  • When displaying the result table for an Index, make row headers blank
  • New ACP Styles Remove_help_menu_options
  • Added a tooltip for Analytica cube logo on the top left, - opens the Lumina ACP product page when clicked
  • Added the “Status” window as option in ? menu instead of an icon that shows up when you click the Analytica logo.
  • Tool tips for top toolbar elements
  • Change the font from bold to normal for Tall input node titles.
  • Improve the functionality of download csv from the copy/download table icon .
  • Changed to a double click for selecting edit table cells to edit.
  • Updated the Users permissions table in the Users tab.
  • Added the ability to paste cells into an edit table using ctrl+v after a single click on a cell.
  • Added a dark teal outline to edit table cells when clicked (single click)

3.1 Build 73: May 3 2022

  • Set the limit for Auto-zoom to not expand or contract a model by more than a factor of 2 -- i.e. down to 50% or up to 200%. If it doesn't fit at 50% it shows scroll bars.
  • Improved the functionality for ReadBinaryFile() and ReadImageFile() upload capability. ReadBinaryFile() now prompts the user to upload a file.

3.1 Build 70: Apr 21 2022

  • Added an AcpSstyle Hide_save_button: yes / no which hides Close menu items for 'Save this model' and 'Save model as...'.
  • Added an AcpStyle auto_zoom_diagrams: yes / no Zooms the diagram to fit the browser window.
  • Updated the Acp Style library to include functionality for setting these 2 styles.
  • Added functionality for module level OnClicks when clicking on Top / Side tabs
  • For group accounts, added the ability for reviewers to upload spreadsheets and text files - this was present in ACP1.
  • Improved the tooltips and icons in embedded tables and graphs when using Auto zoom.

3.1 Build 66: Apr 14 2022

  • Automatically zoom the UI in or out to fit the browser window -- the most constraining of width or height so it retains the aspect ratio.
  • Tabs momentarily show white when clicked to give visual feedback to the user.
  • Many refinements to Tooltips and help balloons.
  • Highlight the title region when you mouse-over a frame node or tall node.

3.1 Build 61: Mar 22 2022

  • Implemented blue links to variables in tables.
  • Added a visual click response for Icons in Frame nodes and Tall nodes
  • Added a color change on mouseover for toolbar tabs and ACP tabs to indicate they are clickable.
  • Added Tooltips when you mouseover any of the icons in frame nodes or Tall nodes.
  • Added a Tooltip for the uncertainty view selector.
  • Decreased the display time for certain result tables in Tall nodes.

3.1 Build 59: February 21 2022

  • Added download CSV capability for tables

3.1 Build 56:January 29 2022

  • Added Copy table / Copy graph button tor Edit tables, result tables and graphs - similar to ACP1.

3.1 Build 55: Janualry 14 2022

  • When edit table has proactivelyevaluate set to 16, it will accept new entries without clicking the green check button.
  • Added the 'Add Acp Style library' option to the Options menu. So you can edit AcpStyles in ACP.

3.1 Build 51: December29 2021

  • Added the table/graph button for tables and graphs in top/side tabs.

3.1 Build 50: November22 2021

Build 0.45:October30 2021

  • Glow hover highlight AcpStyle has been deprecated. It has been removed from the ACP style library and from the wiki. But the AcpStyle still works for models which incorporate it.
  • Deprecated the Add_scroll_bars AcpStyle. It has no effect. Scroll bars will show when necessary (ie when the browser window is not large enough to show the diagram)Removed from the ACP style library.
  • Added a new ? menu just to left of Close/save menu containing these options:
-ACP Online docs -- opens Analytica wiki page for ACP.
-Analytica Q&A Forum -- opens the Analytica Forum page
-Tech support ... (moved from the Close menu).
  • Added the Units to Tall node result views
  • Speed up the display of very large tables.

Build 0.44:October12 2021

  • The Go To Parent Diagram button has been deprecated. It has also been removed from the ACP Style library along with the AcpSstyle Show_parent_diagram_button and Parent_diagram_button_coordinates:x,y.
  • New functionality for the Diagram tab. With Outline Navigation style, when viewing a diagram, clicking the Diagram tab moves you up to the parent diagram. Replaces the parent diagram button.
  • The Acpstyle show_title: yes/no was implemented for tall nodes.
  • Enhancement to the Hierarchy stripe. The last item (current view) is shown in bold.
  • All frame node AcpStyles were implemented at the variable level (not yet for edit tables). More here.

Build 0.40:August 18 2021

  • Minor enhancement to text input boxes when they have focus.
  • Fixed a bug where Scroll bars were not visible or only partially visible
  • Changed the appearance of "You are about to timeout" message box to match other message boxes.
  • When Model title is shown in the top teal bar, the Main module now reads "Main"
  • Changed a Sub table with a single text cell to show as a text input field rather than as a table in tall nodes.

Build 0.39:August 9 2021

  • Added visual feedback when a formnode button is clicked.
  • Removed unnecessary scroll bars.
  • Sort projects pulldown menu alphabetically (instead of chronologically).
  • Make border thinner for Module nodes.
  • Change defaults for show_uncertainty_view ( show by default even when mid value is last viewed).
  • Change to show_index_menus:no AcpSstyle setting. Now shows slicer indexes by default even with the AcpStyle Show_index: No.
  • Added AcpStyle Show_index_menus: Not_even_slicers (if you want to remove the slicers).
  • Add support for Show_uncertainty_view: no/yes for individual nodes. Previously a model level AcpStyle.

Build 0.38:July 13 2021

  • Improved entering text into a text field - no need to use the mouse to select the exact position of the cursor.

Build 0.37:July 7 2021

  • Added the AcpStyle option: Show_graph_table_icon: No.
  • Put the empty Index for pivoter menus as last in the list instead of first.
  • Added code to not show the balloon description for Frame or tall nodes when it is already showing its description.
  • Implemented AcpStyle Show_description:No/Yes for Tall nodes (Preciously implemented for Framenodes).

Build 0.36:July 3 2021

  • Added support for show_as_tab: No for non - top diagram modules.
  • Fixed a problem where Close model after Save model crashed.
  • Speed up the displaying of large tables.

Build 0.35:July 1 2021

  • Implemented show_index_menus: yes/no for the model's top level AcpStyle
  • Added ACP help and Tech support options to the Close menu.
  • Removed quotes for from text in cells that are specified as text only format.
  • Subtables with single text cells were changed to show as a text field instead of as a table in tall nodes.
  • Multichoice - added support to click below, above, or to the left of the menu to accept the change.
  • Multichoice - Changed a A tall multichoice user input node to display as a list selection.

Build 0.34:June 18 2021

  • Implemented a session timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. With a warning after 25 minutes.
  • Replaced the fly-in pivoters with simply showing or hiding Index menus and pivoters.
  • Tweaking the margins in Frame nodes and Tall nodes around tables and graphs and rounding the corners..
  • Icons for the Table/Graph toggle and for pivoters/index menus now appear only when you mouseover a Tall node or Frame node.

Build 0.33:May 30 2021

Build 0.32:May 14 2021

  • For row pivoters in frame nodes or tall nodes, they no longer show unless "show_index_menus: yes" is set. They still show for tables in the Table tab.
  • The hover highlight was removed from 'Tall nodes'.
  • Set fly-in pivoters to appear for a graph only when you hover over the pivoter chevrons.

Build 0.31: Apr 29 2021

  • Changed the Close Menu items for clarity.
  • Added support for 'All' in Result Graph Slicers.
  • Some more minor improvements in the appearance of result graphs and tables in frame nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where 'All' did not stick when chosen in some choice menus.

Build 0.30: Apr 22 2021

  • Improved the mouseover highlight effect in diagrams with various background colors.
  • Improved the appearance and fit of tables and graphs within framenodes.
  • In result views, changed the inputs location to the left of the Uncertainty view menu.

Build 0.29: Apr 10 2021

Build 0.28: Apr 3 2021

  • Added the ability to sort Table columns and rows, and to show or hide totals Tables in ACP.
  • The attribute 'CloudPlatformStyles' was changed to 'AcpStyle'.
  • Added syntax coloring for definitions in the Object tab. Syntax coloring.
  • Added logging for sessions and Model opening. (To be documented soon).

Build 0.26: Mar 5 2021

Build 0.25: Feb 22 2021

  • Added a progress bar while loading a model. and stopped the display of model internals while loading.
  • Added support for ShowProgressBar - except for the [OK] button to clear the dialog.

Build 0.24: Feb 18 2021

  • Cloud Platform Styles flag "Hide_uncertainty_view: no". This forces the uncertainty views of result tables or graphs to be present. Used in the CloudPlatformStyle of the top level module ie the model.
  • If a variable is showing Mid view, then the uncertainty selector does not show - same as in Acp1.
  • Added the ability to add/append/insert/delete/reorder elements in a list

Build 0.23: Feb 6 2021

  • Signin: Changed the message shown to a new user without a password if they press 'Get a new password' to make it less confusing.

Build 0.22: Feb 2 2021

  • Implemented support for "Publish to cloud..." subject to some limitations mentioned below.
  • Updated the message shown when there is an error establishing a connection. Basically, refresh the browser and try again.
  • Added support for EMF images.
  • Added REST method handlers , so that you can implement REST methods as UDFs in a model.

Build 0.21

  • The [Read|Write][Text|Binary|Export|Image]File() functions are now enabled in ACP3. These file functions only allow access to your own project folder.

Build 0.20

  • When an Individual ACP account is created, the Rent vs Buy example model is included in the Model listing.
  • Enhancements to the appearance of Graph Tooltips, Message Boxes and Buttons.

Build 0.19

  • For Group accounts, added the Project name to the right of the User name in the top Banner.
  • Improved the appearance of the Upload Progress bar when uploading models.
  • Enhancements to the Login page

ACP Sessions and Calculation

For now, there is:

  • no limit on RAM per session.
  • no time limit on computations. It's possible that a very long computation could cause ACP to become unresponsive. In ACP1 computations were limited to 60 seconds in Individual accounts.
  • Some evaluation time warnings are not shown in the browser. For instance if you show a table with an invalid result.

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