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A list of improved features (and occasional bug fixes) of interest to most users by release date.

For a list of all changes to ACP, including ones of limited interest to most users, and changes between release builds, see this archive.

Build 135: 1 May 2024

  • The Analytica cube logo was flickering when displaying new results, or when pasting into edit tables. Added code to reduce this.
  • When a diagram had hidden nodes set to auto calculate, these nodes would show momentarily as they calculated causing a flickering effect on the diagram as it loaded. We changed this so that hidden nodes no longer show while calculating.
  • We are continuing to enhance edit tables to make the user experience closer to that in Excel and Google Docs.
    • Keyboard combo shift+ctrl+arrow key now selects the entire row or column.
    • Keyboard combo ctrl+arrow now moves the selected cell to the beginning or end of a row or column.
    • With multiple cells selected, arrow keys reselect to a single cell in the direction of the arrow key. as in Excel.
    • ACP now allows editing in the anchor cell with multiple cells selected, as in Excel.
  • For ACP servers using a load balancer on the front end. Added a periodic heartbeat message on the websocket so that the load balancer front end will not time out.

Build 133: 14 April 2024

  • When a diagram is loaded, any nodes that are set to auto-calculate will show results and will render - previously some nodes which were set to be non-visible would cause the diagram to apparently "flicker" as they were calculated. Code was added to prevent the non-visible nodes from causing this effect when loading diagrams.
  • An improvement to auto-scaling of slider inputs, if the scale changes after setting other inputs.
  • Added the ability to directly enter double quotes into an edit table cell after selecting with a single click.
  • Fixed a bug where a tall node that had it's node font changed (in Desktop Analytica) would not display in ACP.

Build 132: 3 April 2024

  • Added the ability to detect whether someone is using a mobile device and add a pop-up message informing them that the model may not appear the same as on a PC.
  • When you update a cell in ACP and hit enter, the cell in focus now goes to the next cell down, as in Excel and sheets.
  • Made table widths appear the same in ACP as in Desktop Analytica.
  • When editing a table cell, pressing tab moves the cell selection to the next cell to the right, as in Excel.
  • Turned off the sorting icon on some edit multitables where it doesn't work.

Build 131: 24 February 2024

  • Fixed a bug with wrong word wrapping in a text node title.
  • Changed Lumina.com links to analytica.com - just simplifying the web site.
  • Change the help (?) menu item 'Tech Support...' to 'Report a bug or get tech support...'
  • A redesign of the Portal...
    • Changed the appearance and position of the order icon when you mouseover a column header.
    • Move the account menu, and project menu (when relevant) to the top teal bar, to replace the account name and project name that used to appear there. Puts the account and project above the Models/account tabs.
    • More improvements to the fonts.
    • Changed the title of button "Email invite" to "Email invitation".
    • Tweaks to the heading of the Models Listing.
  • Made Arrow keys in edit tables work close to what you see with Excel.
    • Click on a cell (this is the "anchor" cell), then using arrow keys moves the selected cell e.g. a right arrow key moves the selected cell to the right.
    • Hold down the shift key and press an arrow keys. Expands (or contracts) the selected cell region.
    • Hold down the ctrl key and press arrow keys. E.g. Press right arrow key w/ ctrl key down. This moves the selected cell to the the end of the row.
    • Single-click to edit cell: When you click on a cell in sheets/excel you can just type to edit. In ACP you can now do the same.

Build 128: 8 January 2024

  • When ACP is computing and the cube is spinning, you can't click anything except the ‘Cancel’ button. Previously you could click on some other controls, sometimes causing conflicts.
  • Fixed a bug with some tall edit tables where the download csv button created a file with no data.
  • Dropped the 3.1 from the ACP release numbers, leaving only the build number.
    • Added the build number to the sign in page, with a link to this page. Also moved the build number to the acpconfig.json file

Build 127: 23 December 2023

  • When Analytica uses a font not available on the end-user's computer, it defaults to another similar font -- serif to another serif font, san-serif font to Arial or other san-serif font, and monospace font to a similar monospace font. Previously, a missing san-serif font usually defaulted to a serif font.
  • Copy and paste of a range of cells into an edit table, it now shows dashed lines around the range — to show it is working.
  • When entering a space or blank into an edit table cell, ACP enters the table cell default - as in desktop Analytica.
  • Added a UI response to hovering and clicking Inputs and Outputs in the Object view.

Build 124: 25 November 2023

  • You can now use discrete slider controls in an edit table cell.
  • Removed the "bounce back" from discrete slider controls.
  • Improved the functionality of sliders when diagram zooming Auto Zoom is present - usually set in the screen size setting in the ACP Style Library.
  • Added alerts to the top of the model listing - next to the tabs, with links to this page or to other notifications.
  • added an AcpStyle Object_in_frame
  • Added an object view hover icon to Frame nodes and Tall nodes. Present if the AcpStyle Object_in_frame is set.
  • Clickable variable names show an underline when the cursor is anywhere over the variable name.
  • Reordered the roles in users tab. Manager, Author, Reviewer, Remove.
  • Improved the appearance of the distribution popup.
  • Added feedback when clicking hover icons.
  • Implemented sequence input nodes.
  • Added a graph hover icon for swapping horizontal and vertical axes - similar to that present in Desktop Analytica.

Build 120: 15 October 2023

  • Updated the appearance of input nodes. Added support for the sequence form node icon style.
  • Added a confirmation message box when uploading a file that has the same name as a file present in the folder (asking if you want to overwrite).
  • Added support for the flat button style.
  • Fixed a bug where numbers with dollar signs ($) pasted as text into an edit table instead of as a number.
  • Fixed a bug where Choice controls using an array-valued computed domain weren't updating when the computed domain changed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Table widths to sometimes not fill out a frame node.
  • For ACP server - Added code to eliminate ODBC error messages gunking up the server when a large number of sessions are opened and the SQL server connection timeout is reached.
  • Made mutli-line text cells have text left aligned by default, same as DTA.
  • Made Table cells to vertically align to "top" by default, same as DTA

Build 118:August 22 2023

  • Turned on the counting of Model runs.
  • Started to enforce the Monthly Model run limits.
  • Added the functionality for using purchased model run credits - which do not expire at the end of the month.
  • Changed "sessions" to Model runs" to avoid confusion, since there can be more than one Model run per Session. A Model run meaning launching a Model either from the UI or from an Email invite.
  • Added feedback when the 'Sign up' button is pressed on the log in page.

Build 116:July 29 2023

  • Added the functionality to pass data on a URL query string to the model.
  • Fixed a bug where a hidden defintion could be viewed (e.g., in the Object tab) in ACP.
  • Fixed a glitch where a stray umber appeared below Models Listing after pressing Email Invite button.
  • Added model run information for Individual accounts in the User Portal's Account tab.
  • Added a warning messages when number of sessions is getting low.
  • Limited the file upload sizes for Individual, Group and Group Premium plans from the User Portal to 25MB, 50MB and 100 MB.
  • Fixed a bug where, after Publishing to Cloud from DTA, the model should open in ACP (but did not).

Build 114:June 29 2023

  • Added a warning message for people using ACP in FireFox, advising them to use Chrome.
  • Added the number of sessions remaining for a group account in the Account tab.
  • Removed the Delete Project button. Because deleting a project once used requires editing the database to remove all references to the project or any session that used it.
  • Implemented more of the table Cell formats.
  • When opening an email invite, combined the 2 progress bars into one (for Reading the Model File and Checking Definitions).
  • Also made this progress bar wider..
  • When Input and output nodes are in icon style, show the correct style immediately rather than the brief appearance of the standard button style before repainting the diagram.
  • Updated the Lumina logo on the model listing's footer to the new style.
  • Update the logo colors in the loading screen.
  • Added the ability to select across multiple rows from result tables.
  • Fixed a bug where scalar results did not show in output nodes using date format.
  • Added the functionality to add email invite addresses with a + sign in the address (eg for Gmail aliases).
  • Fixed a bug where a model with a quote in the file name threw an error when attempting an email invite.

Build 113:May 16 2023

  • Implemented the enforcement of monthly session credit limits for group accounts when opening a model.
  • Implemented the limitation on number of users for Group accounts and Premium Group accounts. When the limit has been reached, a message will show informing the user that the limit has been reached.
  • Improved slider controls in edit table cells.
  • Added hover and click feedback for the tabs in the user portal.
  • Changed the Analytica icons and logos.
  • Rounded the bottom corners of the diagram when outline is showing - to match the rounded corners on the outline.
  • When clicking on an input node with numeric % format, ACP will now select only the digits as Desktop Analytica does.
  • When double- clicking on a table cell to edit a number, ACP now selects only the digits, same as DTA in browse mode
  • When entering edit mode for an edit table cell, the current contents become selected without having to perform any additional clicks.

Build 112:Apr 14 2023

  • Added many more of the Slider control features.
  • Changed the "Download this model" option on the close menu to be off by default - the modeler needs to add the save_menu_download: yes AcpStyle to allow this feature.
  • Added support for ShowWindow(x, 'Definition') .
  • Improvements in the selection and deselection of cells in tables.
  • For models with descriptions, added the model file name to the help balloon for the model title in the toolbar. (models and nodes without descriptions don't show help balloons).
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong tab was highlighted after selecting a variable from another variables outputs - from another module.
  • Changed the default font color in Tabs with a dark diagram color, to make it easier to read.
  • Fixed a bug with multichoice selections, where cascading multiple selections in a table were causing ACP to crash.
  • Various minor enhancements to the appearance of the ACP GUI.
  • Added hover feedback when mousing over buttons in the Users tab and ACP portal

Build 105:Jan 31 2023

  • Implemented some of the functionality for the new Slider function in input nodes and edit table cells.
  • Fixed a bug with Arrows not displaying as the diagram is repainted, when they are off of the initial view of the diagram and the diagram is scrolled.
  • Added feedback when clicking on the Close menu and the Hamburger menu.
  • Fixed a bug where List output nodes did not show the label when set to 'Text'.
  • For Auto - zoom, made the tabs also zoom to match the diagram.
  • Added the ability to download models from the close menu, with an Acp style to turn this feature off.

Build 102:Jan 6 2023

  • Added the ability to show uncertainty results for atomic output nodes. More here... .
  • Added a help balloon showing the description for graphs in tall nodes, when the AcpStyle is set to [[AcpStyles#Show_or_hide_the_Description|]]show_description:no. (Previously implemented for tables).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused help balloons to linger after moving the mouse away from an object.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on dates in an edit table could cause the diagram to crash.

Earlier Builds

To see release notes for earlier builds of ACP.

ACP Sessions and Calculation

For now, there is:

  • 8 GB limit on RAM per model run (unlimited paged memory) on the Analytica ACP server..
  • no time limit on computations. It's possible that a very long computation could cause ACP to become unresponsive. In ACP1 computations were limited to 60 seconds in Individual accounts.
  • Some evaluation time warnings are not shown in the browser. For instance if you show a table with an invalid result.

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