To print the contents of an active window — Diagram, Outline, Object, Result Table, or Graph, select Print from the File menu. Selecting Print Setup on the File menu can then set printing options such as page orientation, paper size, or scaling. Any print settings that you specify are associated only with the window that was active when you selected Print Setup.

Previewing page breaks before printing: When you select the Print preview command on the File menu, it displays a Preview window to show what will be printed and where page breaks will occur. You can adjust print settings such as scaling until you get the desired page breaks. When previewing a result table or graph, you can toggle the option for showing or hiding the index variable titles.

When viewing a diagram, outline, or Object window, page breaks can be viewed while working by enabling Show Page Breaks on the Window menu.

Scaling printouts: You can adjust the magnification of your printouts using the Print Setup command on the File menu, or by using the Setup button on the Print Preview window, in two ways:

  • Adjust to p % of normal size: Use p < 100% to shrink output, or p > 100% to enlarge it.
  • Fit to n page(s) wide by m page(s) tall: Shrinks the output to fit on the specified pages. It preserves aspect ratio. It does not enlarge, so the actual number of pages printed might be less than n x m.
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Printing the background: There is a checkbox in the Print Setup window for controlling whether a diagram’s background color is printed. By not printing the background color, one can save on ink or toner. Whether the background is printed or not is controlled by the Print influence diagram background color check- box. By default, it does not print the background.

Printing multiple windows: To print the contents of several windows into a single document, use the Print Report command in the File menu. It uses the print settings set in Print settings for each window.

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Check Print Outline (All Objects) to print a list of all objects in the model, each in its parent module, indented to show the module hierarchy.

Check Print Outline (Modules Only) to print a list of all modules (including libraries and form nodes), indented to show the module hierarchy.

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