Uncertainty view of a result

The Result window offers an Uncertainty View popup menu in the top-left corner to let you select how to view an uncertain quantity:

Chapter 1.19.png

Press the icon to open the popup menu so you can select one of seven uncertainty views, if the quantity is uncertain:

Chapter 1.21.png

The first option, mid: Mid value, is the initial default. It actually ignores uncertainty and uses the median of each uncertain quantity. It lets you evaluate the model quickly. The other options evaluate the variable (and any uncertain predecessors if necessary) as a probability distribution, using Monte Carlo simulation. For more details, see Uncertainty views in the User Guide or the Tutorial Displaying alternative uncertain views.

Depending on the chosen probability mode, the Result window will display different probability curves:

Chapter 1.22.png

You can also select these uncertainty views from the Result menu for a selected variable.

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