Icon images in a node

You can add an icon to any node in a diagram. The Icon window contains an enlarged space that you can use for creating or editing an icon.

Opening the Icon window: To add an icon:

  1. Make sure that the edit tool is selected.
  2. Select the node that you wish to illustrate.
  3. Choose Edit Icon from the Diagram menu to open the Icon window.
Chapter9 17.png

Drawing or editing an icon: You can draw or edit the icon one pixel at a time using mouse clicks, or you can draw lines by holding down the mouse button as you drag the cursor.

  • To make a dark pixel light or a light pixel dark, click the pixel.
  • To draw a line or curve hold down the mouse button while you move the cursor. If the starting pixel of the line or curve is black the line or curve is black; if the starting pixel of the line or curve is white the line or curve is white.
  • To set the node’s icon, click the Accept button Chapter9 18.png.
  • To restore the original icon in the window (or to clear the window if there was no previous icon), click the Revert button Chapter9 19.png.

You can copy and paste an icon from one place in a model to another using the standard Copy (Control+c) and Paste (Control-v) commands. You can delete an icon from a node by selecting it and using the Cut (Control+c) command or the Delete key.

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23 months ago
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I was unable to copy and pate an icon from one node to another. More hand-holding is needed. Given an icon in node A, how does one copy it? Given the desire to have it appear in node B, how does one paste it (assuming it's been copied)? The only way I succeeded was to duplicate node A, rename the new node B, and then define node B as intended.

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