User-defined Functions and Libraries

You can create your own functions to perform calculations you use frequently. A function has one or more parameters; its definition is an expression that uses these parameters. You can specify that the function check the type or dimensions of its parameters, and control their evaluation by using various parameter qualifiers.

A library is a collection of user-defined functions grouped in a library file, for use in more than one model. Using libraries, you can effectively extend the available functions beyond those built in to Analytica. Analytica is distributed with an initial set of libraries, available in the Libraries folder inside the Analytica folder on your hard disk. If you add a library to a model, it appears with its functions in the Definition menu, and these functions appear almost the same as the built-in functions.

You might want to look at these libraries to see if they provide functions useful for your applications. You might also look at library functions as a starting point or inspiration for writing your own functions.

Analytica experts can create their own function libraries for particular domains. Other Analytica users can benefit from these libraries.


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