User input nodes and user output nodes


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When you open a model with user input nodes or user output nodes, the top-level Diagram window might look like this (instead of an influence diagram).

Toolbar browse buttons.png

Hand tool is highlighted to show that you are browsing
Rent vs Buy Model.png

Input nodes

Output node

You can change the values in the user input nodes directly. The user output node, Net present value, shows a Calc button. Click it to compute and see its value. Double-click the Model details node to open a diagram showing details of the model (the influence diagram shown above).

Browse mode

An existing model opens in browse mode. In this mode, the browse tool button is highlighted in the navigation toolbar, and the cursor looks like this:


In browse mode, you can change input node values, view output node results, and examine the model by opening windows to see more detail.

Viewing User input nodes

Chapter1 33.png An input field lets you see a single number or text value. Click in the box to edit the value. An input field can be configured to be Number only, Text only, Number or text only or (the default) any expression. When any expression is allowed, you must should put matching quotes (single or double) around a text value; otherwise, if it happens to be a valid expression, the entry will be interpreted as an expression rather than text.
Chapter1 34.png A pull-down menu lets you choose from a list of options. Press the menu to see the list.
Chapter1 35.png Click the List button to open a list of values, usually defining an Index. To change a value, click in its cell. For more about lists, see Editing a list.
Chapter1 36.png Click to open an edit table showing an editable array with one or more dimensions displayed as a table. For more, see Editing a table.
Chapter1 37.png Click to view and edit a probability distribution in the Function Finder. For more, see Probabilistic calculation

Viewing User output node values

Chapter1 38.png Click the Calc button to compute and display the value of this output variable. When computing is complete, it shows a number in this node, or, if it’s an array, it changes to the Result button and opens a Result window showing a table or graph. See Result Tables and Graphs for more.
Chapter1 39.png The Result button shows that an array has been calculated. Click it to open a Result window showing a table or graph. See Result Tables and Graphs for more.

Opening module details

To see the structure of the model, double-click the module Model details, to display its diagram window (see Object window).

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