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The Definition menu lists built-in libraries of functions, system variables, and operators, as well as any libraries you have added. It shows these as a hierarchical menu that so you can rapidly find what you need and paste it into the definition you are editing. To find and paste a function or other object from a library:

  1. Optional: Move the cursor to the place in the definition that you want to insert a function or other item.
  2. From the Definition menu, select the library you want, and then the function or other item.
    Definition menu Normal selected.png
  3. This pastes the item function into the definition, along with its formal parameters or operands, if any, each enclosed in angle brackets << >>.
    Chapter8 28.png
  4. Now edit each parameter or operand to replace it with the appropriate identifier or expression. As usual, you can type it, select an item from the expr menu or the Inputs menu, or paste another object from the Definition menu.

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