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The File menu includes options for opening a new or existing model, saving it, importing or exporting selected data, uploading a model to the Analytica Cloud Platform, printing a model, and exiting Analytica.

Menus 2.png Menu item Description
New Model Start a new model.
Open Model Use the Windows file explorer to select an existing Analytica model to open.
Add Module Use the Windows file explorer to find an Analytica module to add to the active model.
Add Library Use the file explorer starting with the Analytica Libraries folder to find and add a library module.
Close Close the active window.
Close Model Close this model after prompting you to save the file if it has changed.
Save Save this model in its file. If the model has never been saved before, it prompts for a file name and folder. If it has linked modules that have changed, it also saves them.
Save As Use the File Explorer to select a folder, set a file name to save this model (or filed module, or library) as a new file.
Save A Copy In Save a copy of this model (or filed module) into a new file, after prompting for a file name, leaving the original file name for future saves.
Import Import the contents of a text or data file into the selected variable definition. See [Import and Export data]].
Export Exports the contents of the selected field or table cells to a file. See Import and Export data.
Publish to cloud Open a dialog to upload this model to the Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) server, so that you can invite others to view and run it from web browsers. The first time you use this, it will help you set up an ACP account. Later you can also change your account settings from the dialog that pops up when this option is selected.
Manage published models Jumps to your model listing page in Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP). This page displays in a web browser.
Print Setup Open a dialog for selecting paper size, orientation, and scaling options for printing.
Print Preview Open a view showing where page breaks occur before the current window is printed.
Print Open a dialog for selecting the printer, number of copies you want to print, and other printing options.
Print Report Open a dialog for printing multiple diagrams, Object windows, and result windows at the same time. See Printing.
Recent files List the six most recently opened Analytica model files. Select one to open that model.
Exit Quit the Analytica application, after prompting to save any model changes to file.

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