Diagram menu

The Diagram menu includes options for configuring how the elements of model diagrams are displayed.

The exact functionalities of the items of the Diagram menu and its sub-menus the are described in the following tables.

Menus 8.png Menu item Description
Set Diagram Style Displays a Diagram style dialog to set default arrow displays, node size, and font for this diagram. See Diagram Style dialog.
Set Node Style Displays Node style dialog to set arrow display and font for the selected node(s). See Node Style dialog.
Show Color Palette Displays the color palette to set the color of the diagram background or of selected nodes. See “Recoloring nodes or background” in Color in influence diagrams.
Align Selection To Grid Aligns selected node(s) to the diagram grid. See “Align to the grid” in Arranging nodes to make clear diagrams.
Adjust Size Adjusts the selected node’s size to match the default node size, or to fit the title label. See “Default node size” in Diagram Style dialog.
Move Into Parent Moves the selected object from the current diagram to its parent diagram. See Object window.
Resize Centered If checked, when you resize a node, the node’s center stays unmoved. If unchecked, when you resize a node by dragging a corner handle, the opposite handle stays unmoved. See “Align selected nodes” in Arranging nodes to make clear diagrams.
Change Picture Format Opens a dialog that lets you convert the internal image format for any selected images to another image format.
Snap to Grid Turns alignment to the diagram grid on or off in edit mode. See “Align to the grid” in Arranging nodes to make clear diagrams.
Edit Icon Opens a window to draw or edit an icon for the selected node. See Icon images in a node.

Align submenu

Menus 9.png Menu item Description
Left Edges Aligns left edges.
Centers Left and Right Aligns centers along the same horizontal line.
Right Edges Aligns right edges.
Left and Right Edges Moves and changes width so left and right edges are aligned vertically.
Top Edges Aligns top edges.
Centers Up and Down Aligns centers along the same vertical line.
Bottom Edges Aligns bottom edges.

Make Same Size submenu

Menus 10.png Menu item Description
Width Makes all nodes the same width.
Height Makes all nodes the same height.
Both Makes all nodes the same width and height.

Space Evenly submenu

Menus 11.png Menu item Description
Across Spaces nodes evenly horizontally between leftmost and rightmost node.
Down Spaces nodes evenly vertically between top and bottom node.
Across, on grid Spaces nodes evenly horizontally, ensuring all nodes are on the grid horizontally. May alter positions of left and right nodes.
Down, on grid Spaces nodes evenly vertically, ensuring all nodes are on the grid vertically. May alter positions of top and bottom nodes slightly.

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