Choice menus and Checkboxes in an edit table

You can include a drop-down menu (pull-down menu) in any cell of an edit table to let end users select an option for each cell. Here is an example, in browse mode.

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You use the Choice function in the edit table cells, similar to using Choice to specify a single menu for a variable:

  1. Create a variable X as an edit table, in the usual way, selecting Table from the expr menu above its definition.
  2. Create an index variable, e.g., k, containing the list of options you want to make available from the menu(s), usually as a list of numbers or a list of labels.
  3. In the edit table of X, in edit mode, enter Choice(k, 1, 0) into the first cell that you want to contain a menu. The second parameter 1 means that the first element of k is the default option. The third parameter 0 means that it does not show All as an option, normally what you want. Note: When you enter the cell definition, the choice control displays immediately. You may want to edit the textual expression to make a change, or to copy the textual expression for pasting into other cells. In edit mode you can toggle between the viewing the control and the textual expression using the expression/control selector. Note that the selector is not present in browse mode, or when no cells with controls are visible.
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  4. Copy and paste Choice(k, 1, 0) from the first cell to any others you want also to contain the menu. You can also use other indexes than k if you want to include menus with other options. Here is an example containing drop-down menus in some but not all cells, with Show Expressions selected.
    Chapter11 76.jpg
  5. Select X, then select Make Input from the Object menu to make an input node for it. Move the input node to a good location. You will usually want an input node so the selections can be changed when the table is viewed in browse mode.
The variable containing the edit table with menus should always have an input node — otherwise, you won’t be able to select from the menus or edit other cells in browse mode.


You can also insert checkbox controls into table cells using the same steps. Enter the expression Checkbox(0) or Checkbox(1) directly into a cell.

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