Analytica Specifications


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Hardware and Software

CPUs supported Intel and AMD processors.
System Software Any Windows 7 or higher or Server 2003 or higher.
Memory requirements 512 MB (2GB+ recommended).
Application size Approximately 210 MB
Maximum memory usable by

Analytica process

Determined by the specific edition of Windows (e.g., 192GB in Windows 7 Professional+, 512GB in Windows 10 Professional+) and your page file settings.
Maximum number of threads during model evaluation Free edition: 1 (single threaded)

Computers with 64 or fewer logical processors:

Number of logical processors in your CPU.

Computers with more than 64 logical processors:

Number of logical processors in a processor group
N = # logical processors
G = # groups = [math]\displaystyle{ \lfloor (N-1)/64 \rfloor }[/math]
MaxThreads = N / G
32[math]\displaystyle{ \lt\mbox{MaxThreads}\le }[/math] 64


Number of system objects About 1600
Maximum user-defined objects In Free edition: 101
All other editions: >60,000
Maximum number of local variables No fixed limit


Probability methods Random Latin HyperCube

Median Latin HyperCube
Monte Carlo
Sobol sampling

Maximum sample size Analytica Professional,Enterprise, Optimizer, Power Player, and ADE:

Free edition: 32,000 limited by available memory

Random sampling methods Minimal Standard (default)


Numbers and arrays

Number precision 15 significant digits for floating-point numbers

12 digits to the left and 6 digits to the right of the decimal for (exact) fixed-point numbers.
18 digits for integers
6 significant digits for floating point imaginary and complex numbers

Maximum elements in a dimension Analytica Professional,Enterprise, Optimizer, Power Player, and ADE:2,147,483,646

Free edition: 32,000

Maximum dimensions in an array 24

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