Taking screenshots of diagrams

There are several ways to copy a diagram to use in a presentation, documentation, or a web page:

  • Show the diagram window, and select Copy diagram from the right-click menu or Edit menu. Use Paste or control+v to paste the diagram into most kinds of documents, including MS Word, Powerpoint, Google docs, Google Slides, and so on.
  • For just part of a diagram, select the nodes you want, and press control+c or select Copy from the right-click menu or Edit menu. It will include the nodes, arrows among them, and part of the background color behind them.
  • To save a diagram into an image file, select Export from the File menu. You can select most common image formats in the Save dialog, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and EMF.

Here are some tips for taking good screenshots of influence diagrams and other Analytica windows for use in other documents or printing.

  • Use browse mode: When making screen captures of a Diagram window, select browse mode Chapter6 16.png rather than the edit or arrow mode to switch off the background grid, which makes the diagram clearer.
  • Switch off cross-hatching: By default, the nodes of undefined variables show a cross-hatched pattern around the title. To remove this pattern, uncheck Show undefined in the Preferences dialog from the Edit menu.
  • Diagram colors: Use white for the background if you plan to print screenshots of the diagram on a black and white printer at less than 600 dpi (dots per inch). The Print command allows you to leave out the background color, if any.

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