ShowPdfFile(filename, bookmark, search, bookmarks)

Opens a Pdf file (on computers where Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader is installed). If acrobat exchange is installed on the computer, optional parameters can be used to specify which bookmark to open to, whether to show a search dialog, and whether to show the bookmark window. In ADE, or if «filename» is an empty string, no PDF is opened. Returns 0 if acrobat is not installed, 1 if acrobat but not xchange is installed, and 2 if both are installed.

ShowPdfFile is typically called from a button event (i.e., create a button, and place a call to ShowPdfFile in the OnClick attribute).

Full declaration:

ShowPdfFile(filename: textual; bookmark: optional textual; search, bookmarks: optional boolean)


The following opens the Analytica User Guide:


From ADE

When evaluated in the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) it calls IAdeUICallbacks::ShowPdfFile(...). From within that callback, the parent application is responsible for showing or directing the end-user to the PDF file. To receive this callback, the parent application must have previously registered the callback with ADE using CAEngine::SetCallbackObject( ).


ShowPdfFile was introduced in Analytica 4.0.

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