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Analytica Free edition

The Analytica Free edition is a no-cost edition of Analytica that can be used to build models of modest size for academic, non-commercial and commercial use, and can also be used to view and evaluate larger models that others have build. The license for using it is free and does not expire. The capabilities enabled are sufficient for small and some moderate-sized real modeling applications, and is also ideal for developing and improving your quantitative and decision-analytic modeling skills. It provides the functionality of the Analytica Professional edition, with a few limitations, the main one being a limit on the maximum number of user objects in models that you create.

Technical Support: Lumina is not obligated to provide technical support to users of the Free edition. However, feel free to submit technical support questions to us (email to, and within reasonable limits we will do what we can to resolve issues you may be having.

Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP): You can sign up for a free ACP account and use it to share models you create over the internet. By signing up for the account, you will receive 25 session credits. Because you do not have active support with the Free Edition, these will not be replenished monthly, but you can purchase individual session credits for ACP ($1 per session credit).


The free edition allows you to create models having up to 101 user objects. One of those objects is the model itself. The remaining 100 objects may be variables, modules, input/output controls, text blocks on the diagram, and pictures. To view the current number of user objects, see Objects in use on the Memory Usage Dialog (from the Window menu). The count is also visible at the top of the typescript window (press F12 to access the typescript window).

Individual indexes are limited to 30,000 elements, the same as in Analytica Professional.

The Free edition runs as a 32-bit process, and is thus limited to a maximum of 4GB of memory usage. (If you are using a 32-bit edition of Windows, then you are limited to 2GB, or if you add the /3GB flag in your C:\boot.ini file, to 3GB). Even with only a few objects, you might encounter this if you use very large arrays.

Images that are copy/pasted or pages that are printed are branded with a watermark. There are also watermarks visible on various screens within the application (e.g., diagrams and graphs), and on printouts. Removal of these requires obtaining a paid-for edition license, such as Analytica Professional.

OLE linking is disabled in the free edition.

You must agree to allow Lumina to collect usage information. This may include information on which features or functions you have used, error messages you encounter, information about program crashes, frequency of usage, information about the computer and operating system that you are running this on, and titles and identifiers that appear in your model. We will not collect model proprietary details such as variable definitions, input or computed values, descriptions, contents of data bases or data files, etc. Lumina is not obligated to collect any of this information, nor do we guarantee that we are collecting it, but we simply reserve the right to collect it while you are using the Free Edition.


When using the Free Edition, you may freely use Libraries that ship with Analytica (available from the FileAdd library... menu). The functions contained in those libraries do not count as user objects, so use of these functions does not decrease the number of variables or other objects that you can create.

Player mode

With the Free Edition, you may use (but just not edit) models that contain more than 101 user objects. A model with more than 101 objects will have been created by someone using a non-free edition of Analytica. When you open a model with more than 101 objects, the Free Edition is locked into browse mode. You can change inputs and evaluate results, but you cannot enter edit mode, so you cannot add or remove objects, or change the attributes of objects (other than the definitions of variables that have input nodes).

If you need to edit a model that contains more than 101 user objects, then it may be time to purchase one of the non-free editions of Analytica (i.e., Professional, Enterprise or Optimizer).


Introduced in Analytica 4.5.

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