New to Analytica 5.0

CellFormats( fmts... )

Combines multiple cell format predicates or expressions into one virtual predicate, which can be used wherever a cell format predicate is expected. Use this from the Cell Format Expression attribute when you are computing table cell formats, when you want to change more than one format. See Computed cell formats for an overview.

The function accepts any number of expressions.


In the Cell Format Expression, to change both the background color and the text color, CellFormats must be used:


:CellFormats WhiteOnBlue.png

CellFormats can also combine cell format expressions, and can be nested inside other expressions.

      If @I<@J Then CellFormats( CellBorder('None',,'Inner',I,J), CellFont(color:'White')),
      If Self>0.9 Then CellFont(bold:true,color:'Red'),
      If @I=J+2 Then CellFormats(CellBorder('Solid',1,'Near',I), CellBorder('Solid',1,'Far',J) )

:CellFormats MulitExp.png

When overlapping formats appear, the last one displays. In this example, the fill for the middle cell is set twice.

    If J=3 Then CellFill('LightGreen'),
    If I='c' Then CellFill('Yellow')

:CellFormats Overlap.png

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