License Information dialog

The Analytica License Information dialog shows you information about your current Analytica license, allows you to select a different license, or activate a new license. To get to the dialog from Analytica, select HelpUpdate License... from the menus.

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The License ID field displays the license name that is currently in use, if any. License names have the form "analytica_«edition»_«pid»_«uid»", "analytica64_«edition»_«pid»_«uid»", or just "analytica_free", where «edition» is the textual edition name such as "professional", "enterprise" or "optimizer", «pid» is a number unique to your organization, and «uid» is a number unique to you within your organization.

Activating a new individual license

Using an activation key

If you've received an activation key from Lumina for an individual license, usually as a result of purchasing Analytica, you can activate a license for this computer and account by entering (or copy/pasting) the activation key into the License ID box. Once you do that, an Activate button appears to the right of the License ID box. Press the button and it communicates with the Lumina activation server to create a license that works on your computer.

An activation key for an individual license is 16 to 20 characters in length with a combination of numbers and letters, resembling 2F34-GCRP-C34J-C8XX-K2. Entering hyphens is optional. Note that the activation key is not the license -- your license is identified by its name as described above. The activation key is a code that identifies that is ready to be activated to your computer. Activation is the process of generating that license, during which your host ID and user ID are incorporated into the license.

Automatic activation requires an internet connection, and any firewall that you have much allow communication with the Lumina server over port 80. If you don't have an internet connection, you'll need to do manual activation.

Using a *.lic license file

Using a centrally managed (site, floating) license

Selecting a different existing license

Diagnosing License Activation problems

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