User guides for earlier releases

The release selector bar appears at the top of many pages in the User Guide. In general, it appears on pages that contain content that is different for different releases of Analytica. Use this bar to select the release number that you are using.


4.6  •  5.0  •  5.1  •  5.2  •  5.3  •  5.4  •  6.0  •  6.1  •  6.2  •  6.3  •  6.4  •  6.5

The release bar goes back as far as release 4.6. For releases earlier than that, you'll probably find the 4.6 documentation to be adequate, with features or functions introduced after your release labelled as such, or mentioned in a History section near the bottom of the page. Or, for earlier releases, you can use the PDF version of the User Guide that was installed with Analytica, although these will not reflect improvements or corrections to the user guide that have occurred since your version was release, and for that reason we recommend going to this Wiki version of the user guide first.


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