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What reference materials exist for Analytica?

Where can I ask questions or get support?

What reference materials exist for ADE?

Are there training materials aimed at Excel-heads?

As for everyone, we recommend starting with the Analytica Tutorial, downloading the Trial if you haven't already.

If you have an existing spreadsheet that you rely on, having it translated into Analytica is often a great way to get started. Lumina's consulting services can help you do that. This gives you a starting point that feels familiar to you, and when done by experienced Analytica professionals, you'll have a very well-structured starting point.

As you create your own models, if you find yourself continually thinking in Excel terms, you should find the Excel to Analytica Mappings reference useful.

Where can I find overviews of Analytica?

Here are a few articles that overview Analytica:

Although not an overview per-se, this is a very good motivating article:

Where can I find published third-party reviews of Analytica?

  • Jim Ericson (6 Oct 2003), "A Better Spreadsheet: Twenty-five years after Excel, Lumina Decision Systems analytic tool is visual, powerful and flexible", Line56: The E-Business Daily
  • Henry Morris (Sept 2003), "Group VP for Applications and Information Access", IDC Conference 2003.

Brief quotes from numerous other reviews are summarized at [1].

Where can I find published articles that utilized Analytica?

There are over 100 published articles based on Analytica models. See a partial list at Articles that refer to Analytica.

What are some good books or articles on Decision Analytic modeling?

This is good if you are somewhat new to modeling with uncertainty:

  • Morgan & Henrion, "Uncertainty", Cambridge University Press. Note: Best to get the second edition.

If you want a broad overview of Decision Analytic modeling, see

  • Virine & Trumper (2007), "Project Decisions: The Art and Science".

What are good books for learning more about Statistical modeling topics?

There are many topics in statistics and statistical modeling.

For use of subjective assessments in models, again this is a good reference:

  • Morgan & Henrion, "Uncertainty", Cambridge University Press. Note: Best to get the second edition.

For sensitivity analyses:

  • A. Saltelli, K. Chan, E.M. Scott (2000), "Sensitivity Analysis", Wiley.

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