Obfuscated and Browse-Only Models

A Browse-only model is locked so that you can only view it in Browse mode and cannot Edit it. All models appear as Browse-only if you open them with Analytica Player (or Power Player) or in Analytica Free Edition for a model with more than 101 objects. But, you can't edit a Browse-only model even with Analytica editions -- such as Professional or Enterprise -- that normally let you edit models. You can still change any variables designated as inputs, and save the model with those changes.

You can save a model as Browse-only with Analytica Enterprise or higher Edition, but not with the Free or Professional editions.

An Obfuscated model is saved in an encrypted file format so no-one can examine its internals even if they look at the "source" file. When you open an Obfuscated model, some or all variable definitions may be hidden, so you can't see them. Others may be shown as normal. You can use this to hide definitions, algorithms, or data that is proprietary, sensitive, or classified, so that it is safe from those who should not see it. Again, you need Analytica Enterprise or higher Edition to Hide variables and save a model as Obfuscated.

With module-by-module locking, you may end up with a mixture of unlocked modules, obfuscated linked modules, and browse-locked linked modules in your model. Various limitations exist on what you can do with objects in locked modules. These limitations prevent users from gaining access to hidden definitions in obfuscated modules, or making changes to browse-locked sub-modules.

Publishing a Locked Linked Library or Module

No-one can unhide variables in an obfuscated model, not even the author. That's why we strongly recommend that you keep the original model file when you save a model as Browse-only or obfuscated. When you have a module or library that you wish to distribute to someone in a locked form, first make the module or library a linked module or linked library by adjusting the class pulldown in the upper-left corner of the object window for the module. Specify a file name. This is the file name for your "master" -- you don't want to lock your master version, or you won't be able to edit it again.

Next, in a fresh instance of Analytica, load the module file directly into Analytica Enterprise (do not use Add Module...). Once loaded, select File → Save a copy in... and select either Obfuscate or Browse-only at the bottom of the file save dialog. Make sure you don't overwrite your original. This copy is the locked copy that you'll send to your colleagues.


Obfuscation and Browse-only locking were added in Analytica 2.0 for an entire model -- including all submodules and libraries. Release 4.2 added the option to lock and obfuscate separately saved modules (linked modules or linked libraries) without having to lock their parent model.

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