Typescript is a variant of the Analytica language of occasional value to advanced users. It contains a few commands that do things not (yet) available in system functions. Typescript has a simple syntax, usually just a command, and zero or more parameters, separated by spaces. Useful commands include:

Profile x: Displays all the attributes of object x, include some obscure internal attributes not normally visible in the Analytica user interface. See also Profile.

Open Diagram x: Opens the Diagram window containing object x. You can also open the Object, Result, Graph, Table window for the object. See also Open .

BrowseModeOn: switches to Browse mode form Edit or Arrow mode. See also BrowseModeOn.

You can use Typescript in these contexts:

  • Typescript window lets you interact with Analytica by typing commands, like the CMD in Windows or a Unix shell script. You open the Typescript window by pressing Ctrl+' (Control + single quote) or F12 (Function Key 12). When you type a command into the Typescript, Analytica executes it as soon as you type return. It prints the results as text in the same window:
Typescript window.png
  • EvaluateScript(t) is a function that can be used in any Analytica expression. Its parameter «t» is a text which may include any typescript command. Use with caution!
  • Button Scripts. The Script attribute of a Button is obsolete, now replaced by the OnClick attribute for Buttons and OnChange attribute for Variables.

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