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For definition tables: Updates an existing input table in the definition attribute of an Analytica object. Use this method after setting one or more cells using SetDataByElement or SetDataByLabel. Update directs the API to set the new table data to the Analytica Decision Engine Server.

When the source table is a SubTable or MultiTable, it also refreshes the table data in case one of the sources changed after the previous call to CAObject::DefTable or CATable::Update.

For result tables: Retrieves an updated version of the result table from the Analytica Decision Engine Server.

Return Value

Boolean, true for success, false for failure.

On failure, check CAEngine::ErrorCode, CAEngine::ErrorText and CAEngine::OutputBuffer for information on the cause of the failure.


Use with the CAObject::CreateDefTable method to replace the current definition attribute of an Analytica object with an input table.

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