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Returns the result of evaluating a variable as a CATable object, with zero or more dimensions, or Nothing if the variable object cannot be evaluated. A CATable is a representation of an intelligent (multi-dimensional) array, and various methods of that object are used to access the cell data. If the result is a scalar (i.e., not an array), the CATable is zero-dimensional.

The CAObject::ResultType property controls which result is computed (Mid, Sample, Mean, Statistics, Bands, PDF or CDF).

If the variable has not yet been evaluated, it is evaluated when this method is called. If this requires a lengthy calculation, the call will take a long time to complete. When CAObject::MethodEvaluationTimeLimit is set, then the result aborts if the time limit expires and ErrorCode is 77.

If an error occurs during evaluation, the ErrorCode will be set to something other than 0 or 2. If a warning occurs during evaluation, a result will be returned and the ErrorCode will be 2. The OutputBuffer contains the error message or warning.

Data type


Example Usage

CATable tab = obj.ResultTable;


This list is incomplete -- TBD

0 - success
2 - warning
12 - insufficient memory
37,38 - Could not retrieve result
77 - MethodEvaluationTimeLimit exceeded
78 - Computation aborted

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