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bool CreateDefTable(indexList)

Creates an input table object in the definition attribute of the specified Analytica object with dimension specified by the indexList. The IndexList parameter must contain an array of identifiers of existing index variables (identical in form to the IndexNames method of class CATable). The number of indexes in indexList determines the number of dimensions of the table. One index can be Self, meaning that one of the dimensions are indexed by the Indexvals attribute of this variable. should be one of the entries in the array. Initially, the input table object’s array is filled with null elements, which can be changed using the SetDataByElements and SetDataByLabels methods of the class CATable.


«indexList»: A 1-D safe array of strings, containing the names of the indexes that will dimension the Table.

Return value

Boolean. True on success.

See ErrorCode and ErrorText for information about why it failed.



CAObject x = ade.Get("X");
string [] indexList = new string[3]{"I","J","K"};
if (!x.CreateDefTable(indexList)) {
   MessageBox.Show(ade.ErrorText,"Error creating table", MessageBoxButtons.Ok);

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