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A CARenderingStyle controls how atomic values are returned by ADE methods and properties. For example, you may want numbers returned numerically, or as formatted text.

A CARenderingStyle is already present as a property on any CAObject or CATable. Separate default CARenderingStyle for both DefTables and ResultTables are maintained on CAEngine::DefaultDefTableRenderingStyle and CAEngine::DefaultRenderingStyle.


{get,put} bool FullPrecision

When numeric values are rendered as text, controls whether they are rendered with full precision or using the current object's number format.

{get,put} bool GeneralExpression

When setting values in a DefTable, controls whether the values are constant strings or expressions. If true, they are expressions and constant string values must be quoted.

{get,put} short HandleFormat

Controls how object terms are returned.

0=its textual identifier (in actual CamelCase as it is defined)
2=its textual title
3=its textual identifier, but in Sentencecase (first letter upper, all others lower). New to Analytica 4.3

{get,put} bool NewLineAsCRLF

When true, newline characters in text are converted to [CRLF]. Default=true.

New-lines won't print correctly when printed to a console window, such as from cscripts, unless this is true. But if you want to obtain exactly the characters present in a text value, set to false.

{get,put} variant NullValue

The value returned for the special value Null.

{get,put} bool NumberAsText

Whether numeric values should be returned as strings or as numbers.

{get,put} bool ReferenceAsText

Controls whether reference atoms are rendered as text (TRUE), or whether they are dereferenced and returned as a CATable (FALSE).

{get,put} long SafeArrayLowerBound

The lower bound of safe array dimensions returned by GetSafeArray.

{get,put} short StringQuotes

Controls whether string value are quoted. 0=unquoted, 1=single quotes, 2=double quotes.

{get,put} variant UndefValue

The value returned for the special value Undefined.

{get,put} bool PictureAsText

new in Analytica 5.0

Controls how image atoms are returned, either as a CAPicture object or as the text "«Picture»".

{get,put} bool DateTimeAsReal

new in Analytica 5.0

Determines whether a date-time number is returned as a Date number or as a real number.


{get,put} short VarTermFormat([out,retval] SHORT* )

deprecated - use CARenderingStyle::HandleFormat

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