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A CAObject is ADE's wrapper for an Analytica object, such as a variable or module. It provides access the the object's attributes, including its definition and result. It often is used as a stepping stone for obtaining a variable's result table.


A CAObject instance cannot be created directly. You must obtain a CAObject as the return results of other methods. The most common method used to obtain a CAObject is CAEngine::GetObjectByName (or its synonym, CAEngine::Get).


{get,put} string ClassType

The class of the object (e.g., "module", "variable", "chance", etc). If you want to change the object's class, set the property.

{get} DefinitionType

Quick info about how the object is defined. Returns:

-1 = not parsed (e.g., no definition)
0 = expr
1 = edit table
2 = prob table
3 = determ table
4 = sub table
5 = list
6 = list of labels
7 = choice
8 = intraTable
9 = checkbox

{get,put} long MethodEvaluationTimeLimit

new to Analytica 4.2

Specifies a maximum time limit in milliseconds on evaluations that occur from this CAObject by methods Result, ResultTable, or Evaluate. A value of 0 means no time limit. The value is initialized to CAEngine::DefaultEvaluationTimeLimit.

{get,put} string Name

The object's name. To rename the object, set this property to the new name.

{get,put} CARenderingStyle RenderingStyle

Settings controlling how atomic values are passed.

{get,put} ResultType

The type of the result to be return when Result or ResultTable is called.

0 = Mid
1 = Mean
2 = Sample
3 = Pdf
4 = Cdf
5 = Statistics
6 = ProbBands


bool CreateDefTable( [in] array(string) IndexArray )

Creates a new input table as the definition of the current object.

CATable DefTable( )

Returns a handle to an existing definition table.

CATable Evaluate( string expression )

Parses and evaluates an arbitrary Analytica expression, and returns the result as a CATable.

variant GetAttribute(string AttName )

Returns the value of the specified attribute.

bool PictureToFile( string filename, string mimeType )

Copies an object's picture to a file in the requested mime format.

bool PictureToStream(IStream stream, string mimeType)

Copies an object's picture, if any, to the stream in a requested format.

variant Result( )

Returns the result of the current object.

CATable ResultTable( )

Returns a handle to a result table for the current object.

bool SetAttribute(string AttName, variant AttValue)

Sets the specified object attribute.

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