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new to Analytica 5.0

CAPicture holds an in-memory image. A CAPicture is obtained when a computed result contains images. In these cases, the image acts as an atom, contained in one cell of an array, for example, and when you access that cell using CATable::GetDataByElements, CATable::GetDataByLabels, CATable::AtomicValue or CATable::GetSafeArray, the cells with images will be returned as CAPicture objects. When CARenderingStyle::PictureAsText is true, then CAPicture objects are not returned.

With a CAPicture, you can write the image to a file or to a stream.


{get,put} int Width

The width of the image, in pixels.

{get,put} int Height

The height of the graph image, in pixels.


bool ToFile( string filename, string mimeType )

Saves the in-memory image to a given file, in a given format.

bool ToStream( IStream stream, string mimeType )

Writes the in-memory image to the given stream, in the requested format.

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