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property bool NumberAsText

Controls whether numeric results or numeric table cell definitions are returned as floating point numbers or as formatted strings. When true, the number format for the current object controls how the number is formatted as a string (except that the FullPrecision property can override the number of digits in the number format).

When CARenderingStyle::FullPrecision is true, all date-time numbers are rendered in a canonical format, effectively ignoring any custom date or time format, so as to ensure that the date and time can be re-parsed correctly. Since dates and times can appear in many different customizations, it isn't just a simple matter of increasing the number of digits to obtain full precision, and hence, it reverts to a canonical form.

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deftab.RenderingStyle.NumberAsText = true;
deftab.RenderingStyle.FullPrecision = false;

In general, if you are showing this text to an end-user, you probably want to turn off FullPrecision, and when writing the values to a data file, you want to turn FullPrecision on.

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