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Featured pages
OpenAI API library

The Open AI API library is a collection of Analytica functions that interface with generative A.I. models from within your Analytica model. You can leverage the flexibility of large language models (LLMs) to perform tasks that would be hard to do in a formal program or model, and you can generate images from text. The library is also a great way to learn about generative A.I. from within Analytica. (Full article...)

Database library: A library of functions to make it easy to create, read, update, examine and delete database tables, without having to write SQL.
Color Themes Library: Use the Color Themes Library to quickly update your diagram and graph styles with some new and updated preset themes!
Weibull estimation library: This library includes functions for estimating Weibull distributions for lifespan or time to failure from data, and to obtain mean, median, and variance, and percentiles of a Weibull from its shape (k) and scale (lamda) parameters (and vice versa).

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