Weibull estimation library

Weibull distributions are widely used for modeling lifetimes of automobiles, engines, and other equipment. Also for the lifetimes of people. This library includes functions for estimating Weibull distributions for lifespan or time to failure from data, and to obtain mean, median, and variance, and percentiles of a Weibull from its shape (k) and scale (lamda) parameters (and vice versa).

Weibull estimation lib.png

Weibull_Estimate(age, i) estimates the Weibull parameters from lifespan (age at death) when all population has failed (died).

Weibull_est_RC(age, died, i) estimates Weibull parameters from lifespan (age at death) or age using "right-censored" (RC) data -- i.e. when some individuals have survived. This function requires the Analytica Optimizer. The other functions will work fine with lesser editions of Analytica

Download: media:Weibull estimation lib.ana

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