What are these Analytica docs?

These Analytica Docs comprise several user guides and reference materials to help you learn and use Analytica. Key sections include:

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These online Analytica Docs are a "wiki". Anyone can add comments at the bottom of each page. Anyone with a paid Analytica subscription can modify and improve the content. It uses Mediawiki -- the same platform as Wikipedia. Select Edit from This page menu up top for a (mostly) WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor Visual Editor. Or select Edit source if you want to see the page source and edit it using the wiki markup language.

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For Analytica 6.2, we renamed this resource from Analytica wiki to Analytica Docs. We also upgraded the server which makes it dramatically faster to access and search.

For Analytica 5.0, we redesigned and expanded this Analytica Wiki extensively, including:

  • Converted the Tutorial, User Guide, Optimizer Guide, and ADE Guide from PDF docs into sections of this wiki.
  • Clearer and more elegant graphic design, with menus at the top of each page and quick links at the bottom.
  • Faster and smarter search box at the top right of every page -- so you can search all docs at once.

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