Plot solid prob bands

New to Analytica 5.2

Use this function from the OnGraphDraw attribute to plot a solid fill between symmetry percentiles in a probability bands result view.

Solid prob band example.png

Plot solid prob bands (canv, info, roles, transparency)

Fills in a solid band behind a probability bands view. To be used from the OnGraphDraw attribute. Usage:

  • Set "Evaluate before drawing" AND "Evaluate after axes, before data"
  • Set the OnGraphDraw expression to:
roleChanges := Plot_solid_prob_band( canv, info, roles )
  • Select the bands view for your result.
  • Make sure you have Color=.Probability for the pivot.

The function uses the lower percentile color (for example, for the 5- to 95-percentile fill, it uses the color for the 5-percentile, with the «transparency» applied. The «transparency» parameter in an number between 0.0 and 1.0, where 0 is fully opaque, and 1.0 is full transparency (invisible). The default is a «transparencyMask» of 0.5. Because transparency blends the colors with the white background and with the solid bands behind a given band, the actual colors match the colors of the key exactly only when a «transparencyMask» of 0 is used. However, without transparency, the underlying grid no longer visible.


To use this function ,you must add the OnGraphDraw annotations.ana library to your model.

Use File → Add Library... to add this library.

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