Plot solid prob band

New to Analytica 5.2

Use this function from OnGraphDraw to plot a filled color band between symmetric percentiles in a probability bands result view.

Plot_solid_prob_band( canv, info, roles )

Fills in a solid band behind a probability bands view. To be used from the OnGraphDraw attribute. Usage:

  1. Set "Evaluate before drawing" AND "Evaluate after axes, before data" in OnGraphDraw
  2. Set the OnGraphDraw expression to: Plot_solid_prob_band( canv, info, roles )
  3. Select the bands view for your result.
  4. Make sure you have Key=.Probability for the pivot.

Below is an example of how this function can be used. One additional step is to change the colors for the Probability index so that the 5th and 95th percentile values and the 25th and 75th values are the same.

Plot solid prob band example.png

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