Plot Tukey bars

New to Analytica 5.2

Use this function from OnGraphDraw to plot Tukey bands.

Example of Tukey bars.png

Plot_Tukey_bars(canv, info, roles, showMean)

Draws Tukey-bars on a graph that has a categorical X-axis and is displaying a probability bands graph.

To use, set the OnGraphDraw attribute to:

continue := Plot_Tukey_bars( canv, info, roles, showMean:true )

And set the flags for OnGraphDraw to "after axes, before data". You don't have to include the showMean:true option, but when you do, the mean is also shown as a dot on the graph.

To see the Tukey bars, view the Bands result view. Set Key to None and then set the .Probability slicer to «All», which eliminates the key. It is better without the key since the colors displayed in the key don't apply to this depiction of the data.


To use this function ,you must add the OnGraphDraw annotations.ana library to your model.

Use File → Add Library... to add this library.

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