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New to ADE 5.0

CAGraphPivot provides information about the pivot state of a graph, and a method for changing the pivot. The pivot state is the set of role-filler assignments (see Graphing roles) for a graph, as well as the set of pivot options. A CAGraphPivot object instance is obtained from an associated with a single CATable instance.

To obtain a graph image from ADE, the following steps are typically involved.

  1. Use CAObject::ResultTable to obtain the result to be graphed as a CATable
  2. Use CATable::GraphPivot to get a CAGraphPivot object
  3. Use the properties of CAGraphPivot to examine the current pivot, and use CAGraphPivot::PivotTo to change the current pivot.
  4. Set CATable::GraphWidth and CATable::GraphHeight to the desired graph image size.
  5. Obtain the graph image from CATable::GraphToStream or CATable::GraphToFile.


A CAGraphPivot instance is obtained from a call to CATable::GraphPivot().


{get,put} long NthSlicerPosition(unsigned n)

The selected position of the nth slicer. pos=0 when Totals selected, pos== -1 when «all» is selected.



Use to refresh the pivot after something outside the CAGraphPivot class changes the result's dimensionality, graphing attributes, or other setting that would alter the selected pivot.

CAFiller RoleFiller( string role )

The graphing dimension (filler) currently assigned to the given graph role in the current pivot. Role can be 'Comparison index', 'Horiz', 'Vert', 'color', 'symbol', 'symbol size', 'stack', 'cluster', 'origin', or 'common index'

unsigned NumPossibleFillers( string role )

The number of valid selections for the indicated pivot role.

CAFiller PossibleRoleFiller( string role, unsigned i )

The ith possible selection for the indicated pivot role.

unsigned NumSlicers( )

The number of index slicer controls

CAIndex NthSlicerIndex( unsigned n )

The nth slicer index among the slicer controls. Indexes assigned to a graphing role are not slicers.

bool PivotTo( string role, CAFiller newFiller )

Pivot by changing a role to a different filler. The filler should be from the PossibleRoleFiller list for the role.

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