Standard libraries

These Analytica libraries are installed into the Libraries folder along with the Analytica application. They contain a wide variety of useful functions that you can add into any Analytica model to supplement the built-in Analytica functions. See Additional libraries for libraries available only from this wiki.

To add one of these standard libraries into your Analytica model, select Add Library... from the File menu. It opens a file dialog with the Libraries folder from which you can select the library you want.

Sometimes we update these standard libraries between Analytica releases. You can download the latest version of these libraries from the links below. If you do that, we suggest you save the new library into the folder

c: Lumina/Analytica 5.0/Libraries

so you can easily add it into your models using the standard menu option Add Library... from the File menu.

You can also define your own functions and libraries.

ACP style library

This library file helps modelers customize the display of their model in Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP). Most of the ACP styles attributes can be applied using this library, and It simplifies the process by using a GUI rather than by having to enter the attributes by typing them out.

Download: Media: ACP style library.ana

See ACP Style Library for details on how to use this library

Bayes Function

Functions for a simple application of Bayes' rule to a complete discrete joint array of prior probabilities.

Download: media:Bayes Function.ana

Data Statistics

This library is deprecated (obsolete) in Analytica 4.0, but is still included for backward compatibility for models that used these functions in earlier versions of Analytica. Functions allow statistics, such as SDeviation, to be applied across indexes other than Run. The built-in statistical functions now allow the running index to be optionally specified.

Download: media:Data Statistics Library.ana

Distribution Densities

Functions that return the analytic density function for continuous distributions. These densities can be used when using importance sampling, for example. The library is described in detail at Distribution Densities Library.

A new version (after the 4.1.1 release) is now available that includes density functions for all built-in continuous and discrete distributions, as well as for a few other distributions (F-dist, Wishart, Gaussian,...). This version also include cumulative distribution functions and inverse cumulative distribution functions for many distributions. See Distribution Densities Library for more details. To get the newest version, download the library below, then replace the one in your Libraries directory.

Download: Distribution Densities.ana

Distribution Variations

A variety of alternative parametrizations of built-in univariate distributions, and other common parametric univariate distributions that are simple transformations of built-in distributions.

Download: media:Distribution Variations.ana

Expand Index

Download: media:Expand Index.ana

Financial Functions

Includes functions for derivative valuations, bond pricing, etc.

Note: Standard financial functions (equivalent to those found in Excel) are built into Analytica and are found in the built-in Financial Functions library.

Download: media:Financial Library.ana

Flat File Library

Functions for reading data from a comma-separated flat file format (.CSV) into Analytica arrays.

Download: media:Flat File Library.ana

Garbage Bin

Provides a garbage bin icon. Instead of deleting nodes, you can drag them to the garbage bin. The "deletion" can then be undone if necessary. Also, if the node you delete has dependents or dependencies, this is immediately evident by the arrows emanating to or from the garbage bin.

To empty the garbage bin, double click on it to open it, select all and delete. Emptying the garbage bin in this fashion is not undoable. You must delete an object (permanently) from the garbage bin before you can reuse its identifier.

Download: media:Garbage Bin.ana

Generalized Regression

(Requires Analytica Optimizer )

Logistic and Probit regression. These functions are used to fit a function that predicts the probability of an outcome based on a set of continuous independent variables, from a data set where each data point is classified as either 0 or 1.

Download: media:Generalized Regression.ana

Linked Lists

Download: media:Linked List Library.ana

Mutables library

Download: Mutables library.ana

See Mutables library.

A mutable is a memory location that you can write to as a side-effect of a calculation and can later read from. It can hold any Analytica data structure. There is no dependency maintenance, so values you read from it don't invalidate if the mutable later changes. Mutables can sometimes be useful when debugging.

Requires Analytica 6.0 or later. Introduced in Analytica 6.4.

Multivariate Distributions

Various multi-dimensional distributions, and the ability to generated correlated distributions.

Download: media:Multivariate Distributions.ana

ODBC Database Functions

Optimization Functions

Provides some elementary optimization functions:

These are usable even without Analytica Optimizer; however they are based on a rudimentary gradient-descent algorithm and don't have anything near the power of the Frontline solver functions provided by Analytica Optimizer functions.

Download: media:Optimization Functions.ana

Performance Profiler

(Requires Analytica Enterprise)

Used to determine where a model is consuming time and memory resources.

Download: media:Performance Profiler.ana

Sparkline Library

(Included with Analytica 6.0)

Makes it easy to insert sparkline plots into result table cells. See Sparklines.

Download: media:Sparkline Library.ana

Obsolete libraries

These libraries are obsolete because the same or similar functions are now built in to Analytica.


Functions for concatenation of arrays. Several ConcatN functions allow N arrays to be concatenated in a single call, as an alternative to calling the built-in Concat function N times in sequence. ConcatRows joins the rows of an array .

Download: media:Concatenation.ana

Complex Numbers

Functions for computing with complex numbers. These are obsolete since Complex Numbers have been added as a set of functions and features built into Analytica.

Download: media:Complex Library.ana

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