PPmt(rate, per, nper, pv, fv, type)

Returns the principal portion of a payment received on an annuity, assuming constant periodic payments and a fixed interest rate.


The interest rate per period.
The period to compute the principal payment for. {1..«NPer»}
The total number of periods in the annity's lifetime.
The present value.
If you receive a loan, this is the loan amount as a positive number.
If you give someone a loan, this is a negative number.
(Optional) Future value of annuity at the end of «NPer» periods.
If you receive a loan, this is your final balloon payment at the end as a negative number.
If you get money back at the end, this is a positive number.
(Optional) Indicates whether payments are at the beginning of the period.
True = Payments due at beginning of period, with first payment due immediately.
False = Payments due at end of period. (default)


Financial Functions


You have a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 6.5% on an initial loan amount of $350K. You have held the mortgage for 5 years -- your next payment will be the 61th payment. How much of your current monthly payment goes towards principle?

-PPmt(6.5%/12, 61, 30*12, $350K) → $437.53

As a percentage:

PPmt(6.5%/12, 5*12 + 1, 30*12, $350K)/Pmt(6.5%/12, 30*12, $350k) → 19.8%

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