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Error message

Sorry, the hostid field in the license 'analytica_professional_123_4 in the file 'Analytica.lic' contains the word "invalid".
The license in not valid because of this. Please see the More Information link below.


There was a problem obtaining the correct host id for your computer while activating, or you entered "invalid" into the manual activation form for the host id.

You would see this error message when adding a manually activated license to Analytica.

This has probably happened on a virtual machine which has no physical hard disk. Because the hard disk's serial number is used by the license manager to obtain a unique host id, the absence of a hard disk on the virtual machine may have confused it. Ideally this should not happen, but the specific configuration of your computer may be particularly unusual and require special treatment.


If you entered "invalid" into the manual activation form, but you are able to figure out your correct host id, then attempt manual activation again using a valid host id. Look on the Analytica Licensing Information dialog (Update License... on the Help menu) at the bottom.

If the host id is showing up as invalid there, or if you have exceeded the maximum number of activations when you try to reactivate, then it will be necessary to get help from Lumina Tech Support by emailing Please provide the following information in the email, which will help us find a work around.

  • This error message, including your license name as it appears in the message (this would be analytica_professional_123_4 in the error text above).
  • The host id and user id that appears on the Analytica Licensing Dialog
  • If you encountered the "too many activations" error, let us know.
  • Your C:\volume serial number. To get this, open a CMD prompt and type: dir c:a
    A line near the top will read "Volume Serial Number is..."
  • Your name and contact information. If you aren't the end-user, then include also the name of the end-user of this license.

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