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New to Analytica 5.0

CanvasDrawLine( canvas, x1, y1, x2, y2, color, width, dash, startCap, endCap, swapXY )

Draws line on a canvas.

  • «canvas» is a canvas obtained from calling the Canvas() function, or a canvas context obtained by calling the CanvasContext() function.
  • «x1», «y1»: The starting point for the line.
  • «x2», «y2»: The ending point for the line.
  • «color»: (Optional) The color for the line, either a textual color name or a color integer. See Color parameters for an enumeration of textual color names and a description of color integers. Defaults to 'Black'.
  • «width»: (Optional) The width of the line, not limited to an integer value. Defaults to 1.0.
  • «dash»; The dither style, one of: 'Solid', 'Dash', 'Dot', 'DashDot', 'DashDotDot'.
  • «startCap», «endCap»: (Optional) the shape of the line ends, one of: 'Flat', 'Square', 'Round', 'Triangular', 'NoAnchor', 'SquareAnchor', 'CircleAnchor', 'DiamondAnchor', 'ArrowAnchor'
  • «swapXY»: (Optional) swap the «x1»,«x2» parameters with the «y1»,«y2» parameters.

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