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New to Analytica 5.0

CanvasDrawImage( canvas, image, x, y, width, height, swapXY )

Draws an image onto a canvas. The image may be optionally scaled.

  • «canvas» is a canvas obtained from calling the Canvas() function, or a canvas context obtained by calling the CanvasContext() function.
  • «image» is an image. An image can be obtained from the Pict attribute on an existing object (for an image that appears on a diagram), or as the result of calls to ReadImageFile, ReadFromURL or CanvasImage.
  • «x», «y»: (optional) The position where the top-left corner of the image will be placed.
  • «width», «height»: (optional) The final width of the pasted image (in the current context's coordinate system). When only one is specified, the aspect ratio of the image is preserved.
  • «swapXY»: (optional) swaps the «x» and «y» parameters. Does not cause the image to rotate.

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