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{get} int ErrorCode

Returns the error code generated by the last communication with the Analytica Decision Engine Server. The property ErrorCode should be checked after setting and retrieving critical CAEngine properties and calling CAEngine methods. An ErrorCode of zero indicates the last action was successful.

Data type





Dim x As Integer
x = ADE.ErrorCode

Error Codes

0 OK
1 Unimplemented
2 Warning
3 Lexical error
4 Statement error
5 Expression error
6 Execution error
7 System error
8 Fatal error
9 Undefined variable error
10 Aborted
11 Analytica expired -- contact Lumina
12 Insufficient Memory
20 Analytica is uninitialized
21 Bad parameter passed
22 Value not found in index
23 Illegal position in index
24 Subscripts must be an array of variants
25 Subscript cannot be accessed
26 Lower bound of subscript array inaccessible
27 Upper bound of subscript array inaccessible
28 Must specify at least one element in table
29 Position specified is out of bounds
30 Position does not exist
31 Illegal position specified in table
32 Index object not found
33 Illegal index number specified
34 Definition table not found
35 Attribute could not be retrieved
36 Attribute could not be set
37 Could not retrieve result
38 Could not get result table
39 Module/Model/Script could not be found
40 Object could not be created
41 Invalid name for object
42 Object name already in use
43 Current module could not be retrieved
44 Module could not be set
45 Model could not be created
46 Model/Module could not be saved
47 Illegal command
48 Invalid object class
49 There is no model in memory to save
50 Safe-array has incorrect size or number of dimensions
51 Element position is non-numeric
52 Specified name is not an index of the array
53 Insufficient memory
54 Unrecognized MIME type
55 Value is not atomic
56 Operation allowed only on a result CATable, not on a definition table
57 First param is not an IStream*
58 Subscript array contains the wrong number of elements. There should be one element for each dimension.
59 CATable is not associated with an object, so it cannot be updated
60 A result table is read-only
61 Expression could not be parsed
62 Error evaluating expression
63 GraphWidth and GraphHeight must be positive.
64 Value is atomic (not an array). To get value, use AtomicValue method.
65 Index value could not be computed
66 No picture stored with object
67 Internal picture format not supported
68 Filename too long
69 Result cannot be graphed.
70 Definition is Hidden
71 The maximum number of CAEngine instances allowed by license are already in use.
72 Invalid license code
73 Stale license code
74 Expired license code
75 No ADE license code is present. Re-install ADE.
76 Not an application license code.
77 Method Evaluation Time Limit exceeded
78 Computation aborted
79 License Code is not valid for this computer. If the hardware or network configuration of your computer has changed, you will need to re-enter a fresh license code. Run ""ADE.EXE /RegServer"" to re-enter. and visit to freshen a stale license code.
80 Linked module not found
81 License code is not valid for 64-bit edition
82 Must include at least one index to CreateDefTable
83 Operation allowed only on a definition table, not a result table
84 The license for ADE is not valid for this computer

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