Analytica User FAQs/Sharing Models

How can I distribute my Analytica application for others to view or use?

There are several ways to make your Analytica models available for others to review or use:

  • Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP): ACP lets people view and run any Analytica model via a Web browser. You can upload models onto an ACP server, and invite other users by emailing them a URL. From inside Analytica, select Publish to Cloud... on the File menu to upload the model instantly to ACP. You get free access to ACP with all editions of Analytica, even Analytica Free Edition.
  • The Analytica Free edition lets users view and run Analytica models. Users can change inputs and generate results. For large models (more than 101 variables and other objects), they cannot modify the model structure or save model changes. You or your users can download and install it for free.
  • Analytica Power Player: When your end users need to save inputs, access databases, etc. There's also a version that supports the Optimizer.
  • Analytica Decision Engine (ADE): For custom front-end user-interfaces or web apps.

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