Analytica Docs outline

An outline of key content in the Analytica wiki:

Functions by category

Intelligent Arrays

Subscript/Slice Operator

Array Abstraction

Associative vs. Positional Indexing


Implicit Dimensions

Self-Indexed Arrays

Slice assignment

Self-Indexed Arrays

Local Indexes

Table Splicing

Domain Indexes

Expressions that don't array-abstract

Writing Array-Abstractable Definitions

Analytica Optimizer

Preserving Linearity for Optimization

Using SetContext to efficiently solve NLPs

Model objects and attributes

Modules and Libraries

Analytica language

Parsed Expressions

INF, NAN, and Null

Using References

Regular Expressions

Evaluation modes

Evaluation Modes

Proactive Evaluation

Controlling When Result Values Are Cached

Modeling tips

Debugging Hints

Parametric Analysis

Selective Parametric Analysis

Analytica in the Classroom: Resources for using Analytica for teaching

Uncertainty and probability distributions


Statistical Functions and Importance Weighting

Selecting a Sample Size

Kernel Density Smoothing

Uncertainty Setup dialog

Linking and communicating with other applications

Functions To Read Excel Worksheets

Functions to Write Data to Excel Worksheets

OLE Linking

COM Integration: Accessing applications with Microsoft's Component Object Model

Analytica Docs

Analytica Docs guidelines

Document style guide: Guidelines for writing Analytica documents that are clear and consistent

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