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New to Analytica 5.0

Requires Analytica Enterprise edition or better.

WriteImageFile( filename, image, showDialog, warn, mimeType, title, download )

Writes an in-memory image to a file.

  • «filename»: When a full (absolute) filename is not supplied, the file name is relative to the CurrentDataFolder.
    When «filename» is "<>", the image is written to an in-memory binary data term.
  • «image»: An image, obtained from the (Pict Of «obj») attribute, or from a function that returns an image such as ReadImageFile, ReadFromUrl, or CanvasImage.
  • «showDialog»: (Optional) When True, the file finder dialog is always presented to the user. When False, the dialog is never presented to the user. When omitted, the dialog is shown only if the file cannot be written to «filename», or if the file already exists and you haven't specified warn:False.
  • «warn»: (Optional) When True, a warning is issued if showDialog:False and the file exists. This warning will only be shown when Show Result Warnings is enabled.
  • «mimeType»: (Optional) Specifies the preferred file type, such as 'PNG', 'JPG', etc., for the image.
  • «title»: (Optional) A custom caption shown in the file selector when the file selector is displayed.
  • «download»: (Option) When True and running in ACP, the image downloaded to the end user's computer as an image file with the name «filename».

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