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This section explains how to write expressions in the Analytica language, such as

(-B + Sqrt(B^2 - 4*A*B))/(2*A)

You use expressions in the Definition of a Variable or Function to say how to calculate. An expression can be simply a literal number, including Boolean or date, a text value, or an identifier of a variable. Or it could be an arithmetic expression, a comparison or logical expression, IF a THEN b ELSE c, or a function call, such as Sqrt(B).

Analytica is primarily a Declarative language, where the Definition of each variable is a simple expressions. But Analytica does support constructs used in common procedural or imperative languages like Python or C++, including BEGIN ... END statements, For and While loops, local variables, assignments, references and data Structures, and handles to objects. See Procedural Programming for details.


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