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Moving Model Results from ACP to Excel

Often one wants to move the results of a model run in Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) and transfer them into Excel. There a few ways of doing this. At the upper right of the result table, there is a Copy Table icon. If you click it, the table's contents as displayed in ACP is copied to the clipboard. Then just switch focus to Excel and select Paste.

If the result table has more than 2 dimensions, you can download the results for the entire table as a text file by right clicking the Copy Table icon, and select the 'Download results file'.

Watch This video to see these two approaches demonstrated.


It is possible to connect models in ACP to a remote database (i.e. a database on another computer) using an ODBC connection. With this type of connection, your model can read in input data from the database and write out model results to the database. Setting up the database connection may require some assistance from us so just email us at for help.

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