Tables in ACP

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To copy cells from a table to the clipboard

  • For a single cell, single click on one cell and then [CTRL + C].
  • For a range of cells, single click on a cell at one corner of the range of cells you want to copy, then [SHIFT+Click] on a cell at the other corner to select the entire range of included cells, and CTRL+C.

To paste into an Edit table from the clipboard

  • To paste into an edit table from the clipboard, single click on the cell you want to paste into (for a single cell) or the top left cell of the range you want to paste into and CTRL+V - the cells will paste into the edit table.
  • If you double click the edit table cell and paste, the entire contents of the clip board will paste into the single cell with the contents selected (as it does in Excel).

Sorting by Column or Row

  • Hover the mouse in any column or row header cells (including above row index & total column). A sort ascending button appears in the cell. The button goes through 3 states: Ascending sort, Descending sort, no sort.

Show or hide the totals column/row

  • When you hover over the row or column index label, a Sum(Sigma) icon appears. Click it to toggle showing the totals column or totals row.

{For the columns, the icon is only present when index menus are showing}

Sort columns

  • When you click on a column mouse over header, a sort icon appearswhich you can click to sort by that column. Also shows an up or down arrow icon letting you know that it is sorted by that column.

Notes: The sort is treated as very transient. Sort is cancelled by pivoting, changing cells in edit table, etc.


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