Sys WarningsToIgnore

New to Analytica 6.0

SysVar Sys_WarningsToIgnore

When set, this system variable contains a list of warning numbers. Warnings whose number appears in this system variable are not shown to the user (i.e., are ignored). This is a global setting and so impacts every expression in your model, so it should be used with care. It is preferable to use IgnoreWarnings in a specific place when there is a particular warning that you expect.

Finding the Warning Number

To include a warning in this list, you need to first obtain its warning number -- a positive integer. To do that, when the warning appears in a message box, click the "More Information" hyperlink. This opens to a Wiki page that describes the warning. The URL contains the warning number. You should examine the top of the page to make sure a redirect did not occur (if it did, the Wiki will say "redirected from" at the top). If a redirect occurs, you need to look at the original URL to get the correct number.

Adding a warning to ignore

You can use the Find Objects Dialog (Ctrl+F) to get to the Object Window of Sys_WarningsToIgnore. If the Definition is not yet set, set it to a List and add your warning number.

An alternative method is to press F12 to open the Typescript Window and type, e.g.,

Sys_WarningsToIgnore:[ 40089, 40062 ]

to ignore warnings 40089 and 40062.

Use Cases

Suppress the "Optimizer Edition Required" warning at load time

When a model uses functions that aren't available in your current edition, warning number 40089 appears -- "[]Error_Messages/40089|This model uses features only available in Analytica Optimizer]]". (The edition name "Optimizer" here might be "Enterprise" in other cases). Your model might have functionality that works just fine without launching any optimization, so this warning might be unnecessary for your end-users. Hence, to disable this warning, set Sys_WarningsToIgnore to [40089]. The next time the model is loaded in a lower edition, the message will not display.


Cannot suppress "saved from more recent release" warning

One warning that cannot be suppressed via a model setting is the warning "You are opening this model with Analytica 6.0, which is an older release than the release 6.1 from which the model was last saved." The problem is that the SoftwareVersion is the first line saved in a model file, so this is reported before any system variable settings have been read.

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